Other activities

ENCA past projects

ENCA launched the 'Fun with JIA challenge', aimed at empowering children and young people with JIA to share their story and experience.

ENCA current projects

  • ENCA Participates in various meetings hosted by collaborator organisations, such as the EULAR Annual European Congress of Rheumatology, the EULAR Annual European Conference of People with Arthritis/Rheumatism in Europe (PARE), CARRA and AID.
  • ENCA is involved in the development of an internet platform for the exchange of resources between associations.
  • Participation in an international awareness campaign, titled ‘WOrld young Rheumatic Disease day’.

ENCA future projects

ENCA has a number of new projects and initiatives on the horizon, including:

  • Shaping a series of international summer camps for young people with paediatric rheumatic disease