ENCA presentations from PReS 2021

PReS are the Paediatric Rheumatology Society for Europe, and they represent clinicians and researchers working in the field of childhood arthritis and autoinflammatory conditions across Europe and beyond. ENCA is proud to be part of the PReS family, and we host our annual conference as part of the PReS Congress.

In 2021 we had five incredible speakers, whose messages we wanted to share beyond the PReS conference itself. These can be found below.


Catherine Wright talks about uveitis from a patient's perspective.


Karen Durrant talks about building powerful patient-clinician partnerships: "The AutoInflammatory Alliance Story".


Wendy Costello talks about "How to win friends and influence people: Strategies to agitate and advocate for resourcing and supporting your service needs".


Natalie Billiard talks about the burden for the family of a child with a chronic rheumatic disease.


Luc, Jasmijn and Luca talk about a patient's perspective of living with an autoinflammatory disease.